Coworking is a working model based on collaboration and space sharing. It is a place where professionals can meet other people, expand and enrich their contacts network. Flexible coworking formats and contracts allow this system to be used by professionals of different segments, companies and remote teams.

Nex Coworking in Curitiba

Now located in the heart of Batel, Nex Curitiba opened its doors four years ago. In 2014, it expanded its unit to a 1600-square-meter historic building, with 235 workspaces, 5 meeting rooms, auditorium for events and several living areas. Check the images and video below to learn more.

Complete structure for your work

The office management is on us, so you only have to worry about making your business grow.

  • Collective desks
  • Rause Café + Vinho
  • Game rooms and Electrolux-equipped kitchen
  • Meals areas
  • Collaboration and video-conference room
  • Space for quick meetings
  • White boards for collaboration
  • Living areas

Facilities and advantages

All your team needs are here


All the office bills in only 1 payment


Safe environment with cameras and 24-hour security


24/7 operating hours


Modern and pleasant environment to work and meet clients


Team ready to help anytime


Comfortable environment and conducive to exercise your creativity


Expand your network and live with professionals from different areas


No bureaucracy neither fines. Use for the time you need

A place to endeavor and also to celebrate good moments together

A historic building for an innovative project

As in Curitiba, the property chosen to house Nex Rio presents unique architecture, linking history and contemporaneity. Over 2000 sq. meters located between the South zone and the center of the city with private studios, collective areas, auditorium for events, meeting rooms and social areas.

Located in Villa Aymoré

Extensive transportation and service structure. 5 minutes from Santos Dumont Airport and downtown. Easy access to the South zone: located 50 meters from the subway.

What about follow the launch of this fantastic project?

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